Potato chip production line use common sense, why do you need to degrease fries?

Time: 2019-09-20
Summary: Oil-fried potato chips contain 39% oil as much, while 60% of their calories are from oil. Studies have shown that most of the oil is confined to the surface region of the fried potatoes.

Oilfried potato chips contain 39% oil as much, while 60% of their calories are from oil. Studies have shown that most of the oil is confined to the surface region of the fried potatoes. A high oil content often makes the chips greasy or oily, so that you lose the interest to even have one bite. High oil means high fat.

 A highfat diet can result in obesity, as well as the cardiovascular disease since fats are a major source of energy. So the oil content of potato chip become a major factor that decides whether your customer accept it or not. For customer preferences, you have to give up the extra oil, while the oil is not cheap.

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