automatic fryer machine
automatic fryer machine
automatic fryer machine
automatic fryer machine

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Frying machine

Automatic stirring while frying,improve food quality.
Automatic loading and de-oil and unloading, improve working efficiency,save labor cost,it is the best choice for small and medium-size factory.
Including frying machine,de-oil machine and conveyor, the frying machine and the de-oiling machine matching work,and automatically finish fried and take off Technology parameters.
Double belt, frequency conversion speed, product will not float,color and fragrance consistent
The belt have a turnover mechanism,can clean the oil floating debris and net residue easily.
Automatic temperature control,safe and convenient.

Detailed Images
Oil-water mixture frying machine

Use oil-water mixture technology,extending the replacement duration of the edible oil.

Automatic oil temperature controlling system,slowing the speed of edible oil carbonization,restraining the speed of edible oil acid value,greatly reducing the fumes generated from the working process.

Have over-heated alarm device and sensors detecting device,more safety.

Semi automatic frying machine

Model: XDF-1200

Heating mode: Electric 60kw


Oil tank size(mm):1200*1200*450

Semi automatic frying machine

Model: XDF-1500
Heating mode: Heat transfer oil
Oil tank size(mm):1500*1500*450

Continuous frying machine

Model: XDFL-2000
Heating mode: Electric Heating,Power 24KW
Dimension(mm):Because of the different frying technics,oil thank size and power should be adjusted according to moisture content and fying time of the products.

Heat mode
Electric heating,power 30KW
Electric heating,power 48KW
Electric heating,power 75KW
Electric heating,power 90KW
Diect coal combustion