frozen french fries production line
frozen french fries production line
frozen french fries production line
frozen french fries production line
frozen french fries production line



Product Description

Automatic potato chips and french fries processing line

Washing-washing peeling-picking line-cutter-vibrating-washing-blanching-vibrating dewater-drying line-vibrating deoil-cooling-seasoning line(freezer for french fries)-packing line
Potato chips and french fries have the similar general process but very different making flowchart. But two all very popular and very good market.
We can supply customized designs as customer's demands: full-auto and semi-auto line.
Heating Methord
Automatic Grade
Potato Chips Line
Electrical, Gas, Diesel
Full-auto, Semi-auto
Frozen French Fries Line
Marcus Binsfeld
Full-auto, Semi-auto
Banana/Plantain Chips Line
Marcus Binsfeld
Full-auto, Semi-auto
Detailed Images

Frozen French Fries Potato Chips Production Line

1)Frozen french fries production line

Process: washing-peeling-cutting-washing-blanching-drying-frying-quick freezing-weighing packing

2)Potato chips making line

Process: washing-peeling-cutting-washing-blanching-frying-quick freezing-weighing packing

3)Raw material:SUS304 stainless steel

4)Automatic grade: full automatic and semi automatic

5)Electrical elements: SEIMENS,SCHNEIDER,OMRON......

500KG/H Frozen French Fries Production Line information as follow:

Follow line are we exported to Qatar frozen french fries production line,we tested in our factory then ship to customer, we supply overseas installation and training.

We can supply capacity: 

Small: 100-200kg/h, 200-300kg/h

Medium: 300kg/h, 500kg/h

Big: 1000kg/h, 2000kg/h, 3000kg/h,5000kg/h, 6000kg/h...

Frozen French Fries Production Line which we exported to Saudi Arabic

We exported to many frozen french fries production line to Saudi Arabic, 1000kg/h, 500kg/h, 300kg/h, 200kg/h, 100kg/h, 2000kg/h, 3000kg/h, 5000kg/h, 6000kg/h...

W exported to potato chips making line to Saudi Arabic.

Installation Pictures

1000kg/h frozen french fries production line

300kg/h potato chips production line